Hii~ I'm Risa, 942 years old, Betelgeuse.

I only reblog Anime/Manga (sometimes games).

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    • If you could choose to live anywhere in the world, which would you choose?


    • Who are your bias?

I don’t have ;u;

    • What is happiness?

I want to know ;u;

    • What is your favorite book /saga?

So many dfasfdassafdsa I’m reading The Kane Chronicles

    • OTP (ALL)

No, ALL NO, only me and my iPad safgsagfhsafghcghsa

    • Favorite Anime


    • Favorite Manga

Heart no kuni no alice

    • Your favorite band

Coldplay and Nirvana

    • Your favorite animal


    • Favorite character of the questions 4, 6 and 7

4- omg.. Zia ;-; 6- Edward Elric 7-Elliot

    • What makes your kokoro doki doki?

dfsagdyasggsaghfsahfgasfghgfhasdghashdgashgfasfgasfhgsgfah idk

  1. sazuko said: Munich ^-^ Coem to germany my dear ♥ And I really think you and Ipad make a perfect otp x)
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